Our Values

West Virginia Strong is represented by people who share an important set of values. We believe our government should focus on lifting people up by providing a level playing field for those seeking opportunities, and we support political leaders and legislation that upholds the views that the majority our state’s citizens hold. We are here to help principled, practical West Virginians, like you, understand which of our political leaders honor these values – and which do not.


West Virginia Strong Believes in Being:

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We honor the traditions that make us who we are and appreciate people with different backgrounds and beliefs who strengthen our communities. We are respectful to one and other because only by meeting challenges together can our state thrive.

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We are hard-working, competent and trustworthy, and we value those traits in others.

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We believe that for Mountaineers to be free, we must protect our shared land, our private property, and our right to live a life that is meaningful to us. We value having the independence to make our own choices about what it means to live a good life.

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We help our neighbors and others who face challenges and barriers to success. We work to eliminate those barriers so we can all realize our potential.

No matter what point on the political spectrum you may fall, join us to work collaboratively to keep West Virginia strong and promote policies, people and values that will honor our wild and wonderful rolling hills and make it a place our friends, families, children and grandchildren will now, and in the future, be proud to call home.